Human Blaster

Human Blaster

Country : France

Station Roles : Mix DJ

Gengre(s) : Drum & Bass, Half Step, Ghetto Funk, Glitch Hop

Social Links : Facebook : Soundcloud : Youtube

Human Blaster arises from the collaboration of 2 DJs/Composers/Remixers native of the South of France, AKNOT and 1QLP
The artists serenaded by the underground techno movement of the end of years 90, have evolved through different styles of Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Electro, House and Techno.
We can easily re-know the Human Blaster touch thanks the energy given into their music, rich basslines and ultra-percussive kicks.
By traveling in numerous venues and festivals in France and in Europe, they understood that they had really something to offer to the dancefloor.
They have played in many events (festivals, club, bars, parties, sports contests, radio show) and are always ready to share their music.