Country : Germany

Station Roles : Mix DJ

Gengre(s) : Psytrance, Fullon

Social Links : Facebook : Soundcloud : Twitter

Tanianta is Freddy R... a time and space traveling earthling from Bremen, Germany and Label DJ at B.A.M. Records.

His history began in 1992, when he began to be dissatisfied with the musical situation and decided his passion for music needs to be shared. Tanianta is a massive Fullon DJ, he likes to play long sets and create organic stories.

Tanianta's recipe for the dance floor is a journey through powerful and melodic psychedelic trance, organic atmospheric soundscapes and massive Grooves.

His sets are full of surprises that result from the moon to the sun. Listen to one of his mixes and you will experience how deep and wide Psytrance is.

He has played at many Partys and Festivals like Psy-Fi Festival (NL), Energetic Dreams (GER), Urban Jungle (IT), Gideon Festival (NL), Energetic Tribe (GER), Legacy of Psy (GER), End of a Psychedelic Summer (NL), Summer never ends, Mystic Friday (GER), Dub the Trance (IT) and many many more.