Country : United Kingdom

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Gengre(s) : Drum & Bass

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Coming from Kent, England, Trainspotter first went raving on 1st February 1991 and has never looked back since, frequently attending places such as Rage at Heaven, Astoria etc.

Purchasing first decks on 23rd September 1993, has been buying records ever since, along with recordings of pirate radio back in the day, having a collection of vinyl all in chronological order from back then.

Having frequented many FM stations around London in the last 6 years, dj-ing at various events, Trainspotter will bring you anything from 1990 onwards, up to the present day, including a few things he has made himself, all from the darker end of the spectrum, so if you like your harder, darker oldskool, recent amens and exclusives, trust, Trainspotter will not disappoint!

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Checkout my latest release "Our Last Train EP"

Scheduled Shows

Train Tracks - 8:00PM to 11:00PM - Every Wednesday

Previous Shows

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DJ Mixes

February 1991 Mix